Negotiation of meaning

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Group and pair work can create effective opportunities for learners to use language as learners have more opportunities to speak than in a whole class setting. One way of encouraging output is by setting tasks for which learners really need to communicate with each other in the target language. This process is called negotiation of meaning. By interacting and receiving feedback from others, learners will discover the appropriateness and correctness of their content and language, and will be able to judge whether or not they have been understood.


In this clip, the learners use English to give instructions to each other. As they do so, they can test whether their instructions are effective. They see the effect of their words immediately and adjust their instructions if necessary. This clip was filmed at the Isendoorn College in Warnsveld. The learners are first year pupils (average age 12-13), the subject is Physical Education and the teacher is Eric Willemsen.

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